We put vintage designer back in the Loop

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Loop Vault is a vintage designer resale destination for fashion lovers. Access the Vault of designer, with a curated selection of vintage luxury released in limited, small batches to suit every occasion and personality. Our bag drops ensure we keep up to date with latest trends and support your ever evolving style needs.

Coming from a family of jewellers and a background in marketing, our founder Kai has been well-versed in the luxury space and its consumers from a young age. Struck by the truth that the notion of wanting to own nice things is never going away, she created Loop Vault and our sister brand, Loop Hires to pave the way for a smart fashion solution. Believing that the ultimate luxury is having unlimited access to a platform where all the brands relevant and loved by fashion-forward consumers reside - all without burning a hole in their pocket or the planet.

We aim to build THE circular destination for all things vintage designer, creating luxurious experiences and accessibility. Whether you're hiring an outfit or buying resale, we won't stop until luxury designer comes full circle. Our service is fuss-free and open for all, enabling anyone to enjoy the experience of indulging in beautiful high end brands without having to make a huge financial commitment.

We do this so that our beautiful community can freely express themselves and dress for the incredible lives they lead - whether its renting an outfit on Loop Hires or finding a gorgeous pre-loved designer piece to treasure for the long term on Loop Vault. Through us as a platform, we encourage fashion lovers to rethink their wardrobe needs, commit to a more responsible way of owning and hopefully in the long run, change consumer consumption in the luxury designer space altogether - one hire and preloved vintage sale at a time.

We invite you to enter the Loop Vault.

Lots of love, Kai xx